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The System

The BES3 system is based on the BES2 system. The main changes are that many of the wiring connections use CAT5e cables, a different travel cable is used and due to this all the boards were changed. Additionally, several new features were added such as: historical logs, battery monitoring, low battery shutdown and more.
This manual gives you detailed information, troubleshooting procedures and testing and setup procedures based on the system code or the problem reported.

Service Tips

Below are tips and best practices that the technical support department have learned while troubleshooting with our dealer’s service technicians.

  • Power system problems can be the root cause of various symptoms. It is a good practice to always check the batteries’ condition, voltage (under load) and the charging system at the start of every service call.
  • We are often faced with several symptoms at the same time. They may be related or may be caused by separate faults. It is best to troubleshoot one symptom at a time.
  • Considering all factors can be a powerful aid in diagnosing the cause of a problem. An elevator that was started up for the first time typically has different issues than an elevator that has been running for over a year.
  • Intermittent problems can be some of the toughest to track down, this system has historical logs that should help in many of these situations.
  • Trying to use continuity testing to find a short or ground on our system does not work very well. The low resistance of the many relay coils will make almost every wire look like a ground.

Using This Manual

When asked to check for 24Vdc, a voltage between 23 and 28 is generally acceptable.
Troubleshooting procedures should be followed in order (1, 2, 3…) and once you find the problem you can stop.
The BES3 Diagnostic Display tool is available for purchase. This tool allows you to view the historical log, battery voltage, more information on the current system code, speed of the elevator and number of times it has releveled.

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